Word from the Ambassador Mr. Abdalla Ibrahim Al-Hamar

I would like to welcome you to the website of the Embassy of the State of Qatar in the Republic of Singapore. Here you will find information about Qatar’s government, economy, history, culture as well as its relationship with the Republic of Singapore. The Embassy of the State of Qatar in Singapore was established in October of 2007. Since then we have sought to build an engaged partnership and dialogue with the Republic of Singapore at all levels from political and economic to cultural and academic. Qatar and Singapore are both committed to a comprehensive and strategic partnership that has brought our two governments and people closer every year. Both countries are bound by distinguished bilateral relations that are growing and developing with time. High-Level Joint Committee (HLJC) is the pillar of our bilateral cooperation that reflect the strong engagement between Qatar and Singapore in various sectors since the calling of the initial HLJC meeting in October 2006. 28 agreements were signed to date in diverse areas of cooperation through the HLJC. Qatar is the third largest trade partner for Singapore in the Middle East, the trade balance between both countries reached S$ 11.7 billion Singapore Dollar in 2014. As part of efforts to further bilateral relations and to promote trade and investment between both countries, Qatar is always dedicated to highlighting Singapore businessmen and company owners about investment opportunities in Qatar and to encourage businesses from Singapore to use Doha as a base to reach out to the wider region. Our mission here at the Embassy in Singapore is to strengthen these genuine relations and cooperation between our two friendly countries. We wish further success and strength upon our bilateral ties. I would like to welcome you again and warmly invite you to explore our website which will assist you with your queries on the State of Qatar.


Abdulla Ibrahim Abdulrahman Sultan Al Hamar

Information: Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Singapore from 25/1/2016.

BirthDate: 1960

Appointed date in ministry of foreign affair: March 1997



Bachelor in Civil Engineering, Arizona University, Tucson, USA.



Civil Engineer, Qatar Ministry of Public Work.

1987 – 1989

Geographic System Information Project Coordinator, Qatar Ministry of Agriculture and Municipal.

1989 – 1990

Assistant Manager, Qatar Geographic Information Centre.

1990 – 1994

Manager, Office of the Minster of Agriculture and Municipal.

1994 – 1997

 Transferred to Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Manager of Information and Research Department, Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1996 – 2001

Ambassador to the Syrian Arab Republic. 

2001 – 2004 

Ambassador to Bangkok - Thailand.

2004 – 2010

Ambassador to Vietnam.

2014 – 2015 

Ambassador to the Republic of Singapore

Jan 2016 – Until Now