Do and Don't

Things you should pay attention to during your stay in the Republic of Singapore:

  • Don’t chew gum in Singapore: chewing, buying or selling gum is prohibited in Singapore.

  • Don’t  throw garbage on the streets: violators will be fined

  • Smoking is prohibited in public places: Smoking is prohibited in most indoor and open spaces such as bus stations and corridors.

  • Don’t use any type of drug: Singapore's laws stipulate severe punishments up to death penalty for traffickers or drug users.

  • Not to speak or joke in political or religious issues.

  • Never Touch someone’s head Because it is considered an insult, where the head is a sacred part of the human body.

  • Don’t give tips to anyone: tipping is not a common habit in Singapore.

  • Do not violate traffic laws and regulations, even if seemed simple, such as crossing the street without using a pedestrian crossing or bridges.